Who is

CHAINGE is a European association committed to encourage change in operating rooms across Europe. Backed up by ETSA, the EU green deal and concerns about climate change. It is our aim to reduce the amount of disposable surgical fabrics to a bare minimum. The momentum is now to create more awareness of the huge quanities of waste disposable materials post-surgery. Chainge believes in the future of reusable alternatives and is ready to prove the quality has never been better.


Supply Chain

ONE reusable technical gown can replace ONE HUNDRED disposable gowns


Latest news

Collective of volunteer

The group members are a collective of volunteer stakeholders whom jointly make active promotion of reusable technical textiles (RTT). Each associate company has a strong link to the RTT supply chain and valuable expertise, amongst them:

✓ fabric suppliers

✓ confectioners

✓ equipment suppliers

✓ self-adhesive component manufacturers

✓ detergent suppliers

✓ industrial laundries

✓ central sterilization service departments