LVO Jaarcongres 2023

LVO Landelijke vereniging van operatieassistenten // National association of OR nurses

Chainge group participated at the Klimaat OK(É) congress in Hilversum, The Netherlands on March 9 and 10.

The congress’ leading topic was sustainability, in particular focused on the OR and green initiatives to reduce waste. Important arguments the speakers brought to the visitor’s attention were: How green and sustainable is the OR? What has changed due to the Covid pandemic? How are the labor circumstances in the OR? The global climate crisis is also a healthcare crisis and affects all of us.

Leading healthcare professionals talked about the innovations in their field. They also shared their vision of the green OR. All in all, it’s been a very inspiring event with great interest in reusable technical textiles!

As Chainge we look back at a successful congress where we opened the eyes of many OR nurses, assistants and surgeons whom were not aware of the innovative and green reusable draping system. Especially surgical gowns drew the attention of many visitors as they look and feel comfortable.

The most frequent asked questions in a nutshell:

1. How do we implement this reusable system in our hospital?
2. Are there local laundries whom provide the full service?
3. Where are reusable surgical packs sterilized?
4. Who can educate our staff on the use of reusable technical textiles in the OR?
5. What’s the business model of Chainge Group?

Especially the latter is very interesting as Chainge Group is an association of volunteer members who pay contribution to create more awareness of the reusable system. It is in our common interest that hospitals and industrial laundries in Europe start to use reusable textiles in the OR to reduce the huge amount of waste created by single use drapes and gowns. Chainge is about facilitating local business and supporting the expansion of the green OR. There is a great deal of attention in hospitals to implement reusable systems in general, but often do they not know where and how to start. This requires dedicated marketing, communication and local presence.